Children With Autism – Tips and Strategies to Enhance Learning For Children With Autism


There are lots of ways as to how you can enhance learning for your autistic child. Music therapy and computers are few effective methods that parents can use. Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Go to your local library and go over the CD-ROMs on autism. There are various ways that your child can learn his shapes and numbers, among them are programs such as Leap Ahead, Sesame Street, the Living Books series and Reader Rabbit. Using these helpful study aids can also develop your child’s skills in math and spelling.
  2. Make your child play age-appropriate and non-educational games. Keep in mind that your child will benefit more from calm game themes. The calming effect that these games can offer can last from 30 minutes to as long as 5 hours. Computer games and educational software is also a fun activity, just observe your child if he is really benefiting from it. Keep watching TV to a minimum.
  3. It’s a good idea if you incorporate music into your lessons. This is an awesome way for your child to develop, and embrace his creative side while learning. The program called “Big Notes” can aid your child in reading music.

Here are other tips that most parents with an autistic child find helpful:

  1. Set an appointment with your child’s teacher and his or her team. Discuss how they are integrating music and computers in your child’s curriculum.
  2. Make the computer a temporary tool if your child’s writing skills are below satisfactory.
  3. Music can be a great diversion and a calming technique when your child is getting out of control.
  4. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, inform your child’s doctor, therapist, or psychologist as to what you are about to do; and get their input.
  5. Scour your library for resources or learning aids. A lot of libraries offer CD ROMs for all ages.
  6. Join forums and talk to other parents for more ideas as to how they enhance learning for their autistic child.
  7. Tactile stimulation is a great way to calm a child with autism. There are various developmental activities like playing with sand, clay or water. Just make sure that your child doesn’t eat it.
  8. Activities that use the large muscle groups will aid in regulating mood swings. Try giving a break every two hours to do some running or pull ups. Observe how your child outbursts decrease dramatically. If you see his behavior improving, you may lengthen the intervals between breaks. Taking your kid for a walk to the park is a great way to help his behavior at home.



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