Autism Treatment – 2 Tips To Identify What Works Best


1. Evaluating The Right Treatment When Dealing With Autism

There are many types of treatment to choose from when dealing with autism – this could be behavior patterns, biomedical or educational and even regarding food habits. But for a person who has no insurance or who is not wealthy, the prices are formidable for treatment. The way that you can determine if your child is getting the best is to do your own monitoring. This way you can see what works best for the child and if the treatment is actually producing results, and you can eliminate other forms of treatment that are not doing your child any good.

The way to do an evaluation is to take into account what the person?s skills are before the start of treatment. To help you with this, the Autism Research Institute and other organizations will give you a checklist so that you can mark points for behavior, social skills and other illnesses that are a part of autism. An autistic person is able to function more as he grows older so certain points will go towards growth. But, again, if this evaluation is done after a period of 2 months, you can take the positives and compare them to the previous list, and this will tell you whether the treatment has proved effective.

2. Try One Treatment At A Time

Try not to go in for different treatments together, as there could be positive and negative effects, and you will not know which treatment is helping and confusion can set in. You could go by past records as to the method to choose, but you will need to remember that autism hits each one differently and hence is difficult to comprehend. There are many new treatments, but they have not been able to determine the long term effects, so it is best to use your own judgement, and if there is no real improvement then the only alternative is to discontinue treatment.

It is not necessary to wait for 2 months to decide whether you should make a change in treatment or not. You will need to watch out for side effects, and if you find that the person is extremely uncomfortable, and his progress is affected, then it will be necessary to discontinue treatment and go for a proven method which has helped your child. Always bear in mind that the child is growing just as any other normal person, then the treatment may not be effective any more. If you need to make a change to something new, always speak to your doctor, so that he will advise you as to what is healthy and permissible for your child.



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