Autism Causes – Important Things You Wanted To Know


Autism is a mental disorder that is a challenge faced by many families the world over; many feel that learning to pinpoint the cause of autism can help lead them towards eliminating the source and preventing autism from occurring and though this is a hope held on to by several scientists, it is not possible to link the cause of autism to a single reason. This is the reason why there is no absolute cure for Autism yet despite extensive medical research.

It is not fair to blame parents of an autistic child to keep the flame of hope alive regarding a cure for the illness that is controllable, but not curable yet and seeking answers that can benefit their child, but the truth is, there is no absolute answer for this predicament just yet.

While Autism is a disorder that has been studied the world over with expert medical professionals evaluating the symptoms and treatment methods to offer best training and control of the condition, its chief cause is yet to be identified, though genetics does play a major role in defining a child suffering from Autism. The best way, in the light of all these facts, is to understand the true nature of Autism, what it means to a child to be autistic and finding ways to make the adjustment of the autistic child to the world around him or her, an easy, happy, normal and fulfilling one.

Educating caregivers of an autistic child about the disorder, equipping them with the knowledge of making others around them aware of the nature and scope of the illness and training them to help their child cope with the possibilities of living with autism are necessary to bringing about a healthy and positive upbringing for the child concerned. Learning about causes of autism is not as important then as is the need to bust any myths regarding Autism, such as poor parenting or neglect or even malnutrition is wrongly believed as being; these are just not true causes of Autism and parents must make an effort to educate themselves about Autism and also others around them.

Scientists are working to establish facts regarding Autism and bring them to light to make more people aware of the true nature of Autism as a brain disorder that has several limitations, but can be overcome to a great extent through timely counselling and therapy, including joining a support group and involving the child affected in interesting and varied programs that are age and skill-level appropriate for them, for many autistic children display an uncanny aptitude for math, music or art that should be encouraged.

The brain is larger in autistic individuals and due to this fact, medical experts opine that their nerves and other parts are constructed differently as compared to average individuals; thus, autistic children have an immunity issue as well due to the disorder: at times, autism may have been caused due to improper vaccinations given to the child’s parents, though this is just a strong possibility and not a definite source of autism. It is still under the scanner.

Thus, as things today stand, the causes for autism are associated with genetics rather than mal-nutrion, bad parenting or vaccinations, which are either myths or have provided inconclusive evidence and it is felt that families need to concentrate on improving the quality of life for the autistic child by being informed about the condition, learning to cope with it in the social context and help enhance the autistic child’s future.



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